Reflction 16


Assalamualaikum and Hello world! 😉

Huh! I finished the exam of Educational Technology on Monday (6 January).  The exam was at 12 o’clock in the afternoon! Muehehe. The exam quite okay! The questions was like 80-90% same to past year question that I have  try to answer. *Alhamdulillah..still remember sikit2 soalan past year.. I am deeply and truly grateful..* And..I never thought that one hour is actually enough time for me to answer all the quetions. *Yeaaayyyy! 😉

*Waiting for the result. Hehe. Really hope that me and my friends will get “gempak” result for this subject..* In Shaa Allah. 🙂

~Overall of this course~

I have learned so many things (editing pictures, poster, editing video, etc.) through this course that can be used one day! *when I become a teacher..In Shaa Allah, one day.. Do pray for me..muehehe* .. Making a video is the most part that I like! *There are too many challenges in the making of our video which is about Jawi script..and Alhamdulilllah..everything’s ended with the happiness!


*remember that!*

The last but not least…I am going to take this opportunity to express my a lot lot lot of Thanks to our lovely lecturer, Dr Rosseni, and also to our facilitatiors, Kak Ana, Mr Helmi, Mr Fuad and all the other facilitators..for keep sharing their knowledge and guide us..Thank you sooooo much! 😉 *Semoga Diberkati Allah*

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Reflection 15

Assalamualaikum.. Heyya peeps! 😉

Final exam has already started..and we’re already done for 1 paper which is paper of Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun  Asia or basically known as TITAS. Alhamdulillah. 🙂

So, let’s ready for paper of Educational Technology..coming up in a few days..6th January.. *May Allah ease everything*


There is still a lots to study in such a limited and valuable time. However, a big thanks to Syahmin Alya for her helps to find the notes of Educational Technology from Dr. Rosseni’s blog.


*Thanks Min chumellll… 😉 *

By the way, I also tried to get the notes from Special Education’s student. *Sharing is  Caring*


So, it’s time for revision. 🙂

IMG_4729          IMG_4728

*Printed notes*

And also revision for past year paper. I have found that there are two sections  in the examination paper which are objective part and subjective part. 

I really need to revise everything. Huhuhu. 🙂 *Wish me luck* 



***Good Luck everyone! Try to get “A” for this paper. Hehe. In Shaa Allah***

May Allah ease everything! 😉 

Reflection 14


…Assalamualaikum..Holla peeps..Salam Sejahtera..Salam Teslians…

Ahhhaaaa…!! This is “baru” the real of Edutechnovation Day! Hikhikhik 😉

But……this will be our last class..for this semester! Haaaaa… and time for study week, preparation for final exam.. *wish me luck!* For the real Edutechnovation Day, basically it was just the same as last week, we have to present our full video to be evaluated, our cute and simple poster to be displayed on the wall, and also our storyboard!

Suprised!!!!!! There were some of our 3rd year senior which attended our Edutechnovation Day! Haaaaa…a big big big thank you seniors for ur supports to come and watch our video. *such a supportive seniors* ..hehehe..

As usual and just the same as last week..we’re the first group to present our video.. *but, it’s okay!* 🙂 Hurmm..however..sooooo sad..because.. one of our crews are absence on this “big day”..she’s not feeling well.. *get well soon Nurul/Tehah sayang! 🙂 *

Soo..the presentation are just like the last week, went well and smoothly. *say Alhamdulillah* ..Haaaa! As usual..time for voting after the presentation of each groups! Hehe.. *and again..terasa macam famous pulakk sampai ada voting2 bagai* 😉 hikhikhik.. But…as we can see the vote’s scale from others..and there “someone” who give us just only scale “1”.. and we, somehow?? Errrr.. *feel no chance to get first three places for the best video*

*It’s okay..chill Qilah..chill..!! Your group have done the best okay! 😉  *

Then, after the presentations finished! Dr Rosseni, all the tutors/fascilitators and also one of our senior give comments about our video. Haaa..each group got positive feedback. *Congratularions peeps! 😉

Then…time to decide..which group will be the winner and the best video?? Everyone “berdebar2”.. *Me toooo! Huhh!! Dr Rosseni, tutors and our seniors discussed outside the class. and we just can see them through the mirror. Huhuhu.

Jenggggg…jenggg…jenggg….! Who’s the winner??

So….when the result was announced.. *hati berdebar2*.. anddddd!!! —-> “JAWI” won the second runner up .. Hah????? 2nd place?? I was so shocked! Because we never expected that! *ALHAMDULILAHHHH.. 🙂  All praises to Allah swt. Unluckily…Nurul was not here to celebrate our successful together. 😦

last 2

*with Dr Rosseni, Kak Ana, En Helmi and Bro Fuad..and also Jannah from GG Creation’s group*


*Incomplete team members.. Nurul xde 😦

Haaaa.. lets  watch our final video! 🙂 Hehe


*Our final poster! simple as we are! Hikhikhik..*

The last but not least.. Hehe.. “ONE MINUTE PITCH” video.. what’s that? So, that is somehow we will share the reflections in 1++ minutes regarding our video production! So, through the video, we might share our roles in making a video, or anything else related to video production! Actuallly, we are supposed to do that during the Edutechnovation Day. But, we have no enough time to do that during the “Big Day”..soooo..we have to record our “One Minute Pitch” video, and then, post it into our individual blog..

Haaa..this is mine! 🙂

*Just a simple from me. Done for 1 mnute pitch*

One more thing that I wanna say…a big apology from me and my team members for all the misunderstanding happened before. :(Thank you..thank you..thank you to Dr and all the fascilitators! *Love youu allsss 😉

One more thing, here is my ‘Introduction video’ which is recorded in the earlier semester. *Just a simple introduction video from me*

*Before I forgot, the final exam is coming up in next two weeks time. It’s time to get ready and prepare for the final exam! *

Chaiyok2. Gudluck peeps!

Good Luck in Final Exam

Reflection 13

…Assalamualaikum and Hye Uollssss… 

Wishing all of u have a good day  today! 😉

Hurmm.. “EDUTECHNOVATION DAY“.. A very big day for meand also for my team members, Ladies Production. It will make me so stress, thinking of that, and so do my friends, for sure they’re also feel the same thing. Hurmm 😦 So, for the Edutechnovation Day, we have to present our full video in the class, after 13 weeks working so hard on it and we also have to present our poster as well. *In shaa Allah, try to do the best! And really hope that, everyone especially Dr will satisfy with our video, so tonight will be the last night I spent my time working on the video for Edutechno ever again.*Really really make me stress*

For the Edutechnovation Day, we also have to present our storyboard that we have done before. As our story line for the video has changed, so we have to fix our story board again because it cannot be accepted anymore. :(Arghhh.. *makin bertambah kerja* We have decided to finish up our storyboard at Nurul’s college, which is Kolej Ungku Omar or in short form, KUO. Honestly, it is quite troublesome to do it again, carrying around the storyboard, especially to bring it back to college. (sbb balik dengan bas 😦 ) But! *dengan celoteh masing2 yang stress, can release our tension while finish up the storyboard*, Alhamdulillah, we finally completed our storyboard. And now, time ti focus on our video, and also simple slides for the presentation.

Ahhhaaa! We have to upload all of our works (everything okay!) in our fb’s group, so Dr and other tutors can give their comments and also ideas so that my group can improve our works better. 🙂 So, we have uploaded everything in our small fb’s group (full video, edited video, poster, etc), so that Dr and other tutors know our group’s progression. My group’s work did receive a lot of comments and we really appreciate it, even it also make me and my team members felt stress+tension+pressure… 😦 Y???? There’s “misunderstanding” or “conflicts” between Dr, tutors and my team members. What we understand from Kak Ana’a post in fb’s group are totally “menyimpang maksudnya” from what she’s actually try to say. From her post, we understand that our video should be in 5 minutes, and our marks will be deducted for 50% if the video exceeds 5 minutes. At that time, we’re somehow, “What??????” *really really really make me and other 3 ladies stress*. This is because our full video already exceeds 5 minutes, ( 7.++). BUT….after having a “discussion”, and Dr explained everything.. me, Sya, Nurul and Yana, felt guilty for the misunderstanding, and a big apology to Dr and tutors (Kak Ana and Mr Helmi).


So sorry Dr and tutors for the misunderstanding. 😦

As for the poster… we also felt a little bit depressed, because we have to edit again (font used)…and the bad thing is we already have print it at Hentian Kajang..because we’re afraid that Dr might want to see it in the class.. 😦 Againnn…. *stress* It’s okay ladies! *chaiyok2!*

*stress at night*

I’m pretty sure everyone feel the same thing just like me, *stress+tension+pressure*..tired working hard on this, cutting, adding…and bla bla bla…for the video and poster.. As for my group, I’m in charge of our group blog and slides for the presentation, while Sya in charge of the poster as well as Yana and Nurul are in charge of the video. *preparation for the BIG DAY..wish us luck! *

The real day of the Edutechnovation Day…

I felt so nervous. After “mengundi” session… Tadaaaaa! It was our group become the first group presented our video. *nervous + gementar + my hand cold and sweat* ..I hope that I can give my best for the presentation, but…during presentation…..I didn’t do my best for the presentation.. *felt guilty..sorry ladies.. 😦 * and also felt upset for the audio’s problem.. (too slow) *sigh*

Then…the video presentation continued with other groups. And……their videos were so great! Congratulation peeps! 🙂 Haaaa..after the group presentation, we have to vote for them using the “alat untuk mengevote”..the scale given is 1-4 (not okay-excellent).. *feeling mengevote pulak XD..terasa macam mengevote artis pulak..Hihihi* 😀

After the presentation..the day is preceeded by Dr comments about the video to  each groups. Alhamdulillah..positive comments. And as for us..just like what she said in fb’s group, we need to re-shoot the flashback scene as Zaki’s attire wasn’t suitable for his characters and the background not really authentic. 😦  Me, and other 3 ladies want A for this subject, so…..lets improve our video ladies! Re-shoot again..try to find the suitable background and make sure that the characters’s attire are suitable.. Hehehe.. 🙂 *chaiyok2 ladies*

Get ready for the real Edutechnovation Day nextweek yeah!

be patient

Till meet again peeps! 😉 Take care..and thank you for reading.. Hehe..

Reflection 12

Assalamualaikum..Heyya peeps!

🙂  or  😦

The class environment for quite different..not like before, before and before. It felt like gloomy.. errrrr.I think that “gloomy” is the right word to show the situation or the environment of the class for this week.. But… Why? What actually happened to us?

Actually…..Dr Rosseni talked to us today. She looks more serious today and angry with all of us. Why? It was our fault. 😦 Even she is angry with everyone, but..she still can talk nicely to us. (*felt  guilty..seemed like I took advantage of her kindness..blame myself*) I thought that she is going to scold us, use her high-pitched voice. But, the way she talked, make me feels upset of myself and that show how kind and motherly she is to us. *Feels like wanna cry right now*

She reminded us of several things, and she focused on our individual reflection blog. She and Kak Ana were frustrated to see our individual blog, too bad. Dr also said that the highest mark for the individual blog..only 10/30.. Hah??? *too bad. 😦 That’s shows how bad our reflection blog. *feel worried* And for my mark. I don’t know and not sure. But for sure, I got below than 10. 😦 *too bad for me. To get A?? Now, I feel that, no chance to get A for this subject, as Dr said that we are in the group of “C” for now.. Oh nooooooooooooo!! 😦

Now, I realize that our individual reflection blog are very important as it consist of 30% of the full marks. 30%??? *Banyak tuuu! 😦 I should update my reflection right after the class ends, or if not, I tend to forget what I have learned for that week and it will affect myself to do the reflection very well. *regret*.. BUT.. A big thanks to Dr because she’s still giving us a chance to improve our grade as the marks will be counted starting from the five reamining reflections including this reflection, and the rest three is the best reflection that Dr will choose from the previous weeks. *Happy for now*. I’m still given the opportunity to improve my mark for the individual reflection blog. Alhamdulillah. 🙂

*Improve myself to do better for this individual reflection blog*

So, next week will be an EduTechnovation Day event! Mr Helmi explained to us what do we have to do for next week, during the event. As for next week, we have to prepare our poster, slides and present our full video on that day. And now…me and my team members feel nervous. Hihi. The days is coming. And we have to prepare very well for that day, so that everyone will understand the messages that we try to deliver from our video. In Syaa Allah. May Allah ease everything. Ameenn. 😉

Kak Ana reminded us on what have been highlighted by Dr Rosseni. And she also looks serious, as she’s the one who checked on our individual reflections blog last night. I know that she’s actually want us to get the best mark, as this individual reflection blog are very easy to do and to get high marks. *I promise that I’ll try to do my best for the next next next reflections. And no more PROCRASTINATION after this..! In Syaa Allah. 🙂

Apart from that, the instructors, which are Mr Helmi, Kak Ana and Mr Fuad, also watched our full edited video. And he did give us some positive comments. We’re happy got to hear that! 😉 Alhamdulillah. Thanks to the instructors for their positive comments. *tidak sia-sia usaha kami..and thanks too my team members..Syahira, Yana and Nurul* .. However, we have to edit it back, but not too much part to be edited..and Yana will take part to edit the video for the last before the presentation day next week, as the full edited video were in her lappy. So me, Syahira and Nurul will together do the poster and prepare simple slides for the presentation.

And now, focus on our poster and the Edutechnovation Day! Fuhhh.

keep calm, study hard hope for the best

As we are feel so happy for the compliment of our video from the instructor, we have decided to enjoy “Nasi Arab” together at Pusanika. Hehehehe 😉 *But, we forgot to snap pictures! Huhu. So there is no pictures as a proof.

See you again guys! Happy editing. and get ready for next week. Wish all luck!

Acting Time.. ><

Assalamualaikum.. heyyaa uollssss. 😉

For this post, I just wanna share about the scenes involving me whether as a actress or photographer. Hihi. 😉

  • Introduction : I’ll be someone who will give the response that I know Jawi script.
  • Became a photographer for 1st and 2nd scenes.
  • 3rd and 4th scenes : together with Yana and Sya, talking about task given by the lecturer, talking about the past.
  • Flashback : Became a photographer. 😉

By the way, the scenes that we have shot and what we are doing for the video right now, quite differetn from out 1st planning. 🙂 But it’s okay. 🙂 Still works on the same theme! 

So…that is how me, as a group members, contribute in our group’s video progression. 🙂

IMG_9146(scenes 3 & 4)

~became actress uollsss~ Hiks!

2013-11-27 15.50.28   2013-11-27 15.49.51

(Introduction & 1st scene)

                                  1488306_627905737248932_1700198141_n   1479345_627905773915595_1605826020_n (1)

(Flashback scene)

~became a photographer~ hiks! 😉

..Try my best to record a good video, used different angle..

However, I’ll discuss with my group members 1st about the video that I have record. 🙂  So, they can give their opinion whether the video are okayyy or not.

That’s all for this post. Bye2 guys! Have a nice day. 😉

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Reflection 11

Assalamualaikum and good day uolllsssss.. 🙂

Alhamdulillah.. All praises to Allah..I’m still here for today…after having such a hectic week. 🙂  Alhamdulillah again, everything’s okay!  Hehe 😉  As there are a few week before study week and have to get ready for the final exam, we have to catch up with the dateline for our assignments, presentations, and bla bla bla.. 😦 But, it’s ok.. be cool Qilah! Chaiyok2!

For this week, we have to learn on how to create a poster. Again…we are going to use Adobe Photoshop software. Hiks! Before that, we have to present about our video progression for our midterm test. Actually, it should be presented last week. But, as I was not able to attend the class (*not feeling well) last week, my group was given the opportunity to present it this week. Alhamdulillah..and sorry ladies.. 😦

We have decided to divide the works among us which are to prepare the slides for the presentation, edit the video (just to show or progression), update the group’s blog and also edit some pictures. For the presentation, Allhamdulillah everything run smoothly. There are only flashback scene that are needed to be recorded and we’ll improve some scenes (introduction part) better as there are some comments from Mr Helmi and Mr Fuad. That’s all we have shot for our video. Many things need to be settled down and I hope that we’ll work together very well for our video’s  project.

So, lets back to creating a poster. Hihi. We are informed that there will be an Educational Technovation Day in week 14 wich is the last week og this semester. We have to present our complete video and there is new task we have to do, which is create a “POSTER“. *I’ve never do that before. -_- But, no worries lah..Mr Helmi will teach us on how to create a poster. Hehe 😉 The poster are very important as it will be used to promote our video’s project during the day of the presentation in week 14. Sounds amazing right? Hiks! So…again..we will create a poster by using the software that we have used before, which is Adobe Photoshop! But, you know what, I can’t remember very well on how to use the software..this is because of “never practice!“. I only use it when I’m in this class. So,I’m struggling to use it again. Huhu. Anytime I have to remember that “I have to practice what I’ve learned because learning without practice is nothing as we tend to forget the knowledge”.

So, to create a poster, there are a few steps that we have to follow. Just simple steps, but it’s quite difficult if you (refer to myself..hihi) didn’t pay full attention during the lecture.

1. Set the canvas.

Click File–>New Present–>Choose International Paper (Size A3)–>Choose the suitable resolution (normally 100-150)

2. Import a picture as a background. 

3. Can choose for lanscape image

Click Image–>Choose image rotation (90′ clockwise)

4. Set up new canvas

Click Window–>Click Arrange–>Click float to all window

5. Drag picture from the 1st canvas.

Click Move Tool icon–>then drag

6. Adjust the picture size

Click the box Show Transform Control–>left click+shift button

7. Colour the background

Click Window–>Background layer–>Choose the Gradient Tool–>then choose Bucket Tool–> and now, choose your colour

8.  Give effects to the picture

Click Image–>Choose Adjustment–> Photo Filter

9. Add and edit texts

Click the text icon “T”–>then…type your text–>right click on text layer–>choose Blending Options (edit your  texts)

*Such a difficult steps for me to follow. 😦

Actually, it’s a little bit difficult to use this software because we have to remember the step, so that we can create a good and nice poster. So, as anew learner, I have to be more patient  and more passionate to learn about editing or creating anything using this software. This is very important because it can help me a lot in the future. For example, if I join any programme and are placed under Publicity post, it can help me a lot to create a poster of the programme. At least, I know a little bit on how to create a poster, and I can learn it better from someone who are expert in creating a poster using this amazing software. 😉

Haaa..btw, this is my 1st work creating a poster.


~during the class..even it’s hard to leanr on creating poster, but keep trying, and try to create one, even not too nice poster~

(create it with Nurul)


~my work together with Nurul~

quite ok laaaa..kan kan kan? Hehehe 😉


~haaa..after class and went back to my room, I tried to make a new poster..just for fun and try to practice what I’ve learned..but I don’t know why it’s too small.. 😦 However, I’ve uploaded that picture in our facebook’s’s more clear to see that picture~

*Just for practice. 😉 Not too nice poster. Huhu (any comments about the poster are accepted! Hihi)

Thank you for reading! Bye2. See you again next time. 😉

Reflection 9

Assalamulaikum n heyya uollsssss… 😉 are you alrght..? Hopefully uollsss always good okay!

For this week ————–> “ADOBE PHOTOSHOP”


Adobe Photoshop..? Bad thing that I have to say.. I have never used it. Plus, I don’t know how to edit any pictures using Photoshop. Before that, do you know Photoshop? Anyone? Hehe. From my reading through online, I found that :

  • “Photoshop is called Photoshop for a reason… it is an excellent tool for editing photos. If a designer is preparing a digital or scanned photograph for use in a project, whether it be a website, brochure, book design or packaging, the first step is often to bring it into Photoshop.”
  • Using a variety of tools within the software, a designer can:
    • Crop photos
    • Resize photos
    • Adjust and correct colors
    • Touch-up photos, such as “erasing” a blemish or removing a tear or fold
    • Apply a large selection of filters such as “watercolor” for special effects and styles
    • Optimize photos for the web by choosing file formats and reducing file size
    • Save photos in a variety of formats for use in print projects
    • Use their creativity to perform countless tasks

(By : Eric Miller, through

Haaaa… Editing pictures?? Sounds interesting right..? Hihihi. I’m pretty sure uollsss like it very much. 😉

As I’m a new learner in editing picture using this software..I found that it really difficult to follow the learning process. I need to know and remember the steps very well. 😦 However…with the guidance from Mr Helmi and Mr Fuad, I manage to edit a picture even though there are some mistakes during the process of editing.

This is my work! 😉 Even not too nice..but quite okayyy as I’m still new in editing picture. Hihihi.


Aww….who’s that guy? Haruslah the “ganteng” man..Brad Pitt.. 😉 Hehehe

*Look nice as for me still new in using this software.

Haaaaa.. guys.. You know what, there are a lot of advantages using this software..but, there are also the disadvantages of using it. Here are some information that I got through my reading online.


  • can range anywhere from helping someone improve the quality of a photograph
  • to being an assistant with artists, who rely on photoshop to make artwork
  • it can improve your skills


  • a lot of different tools that do very different things
  • it takes time and patience with yourself in order to learn how to use each one correctly
  • takes up a large amount of room on your computer

( Source : wiki.answers )

Now you know right? As for me, I’m not going to download this software, because I’m not always using it and  it also can affect my lappy ( become “heavy” or lembap). However, if I feel like wanna edit something, I can download it, but for the trial only. Even this software gives a lot of advantages, but, it also gives us negative impacts. 

So….happy editing peeps! 😉

See you again! Bye2.

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Reflection 8

Assalamualaikum and good day to all.. 😉

Haaa.. for this week…I’m pretty sure all of you enjoy the class very well.. Because, it is the time to learn on video’s editing..

Ewww… Windows Movie Maker is a freeware video editing software by Microsoft (source : Wikipedia)

movie maker

Evennnnn..most of the group are not finish shooting yet..and still in the progress of shooting 😉 *Gudluck peeps! chaiyokkk2.. As for this week, Mr Helmi share the information on how to edit our video by using Windows Live Movie Maker 6.0. This is a new version of Windows Live Movie Maker, but I still use the old version one. Howeverrrrr… I’ll download that new version of movie maker soon! 🙂 was quite easy to use the new version of Movie  Maker, but!! a little bit complicated too..


(Just google the image)

Step 1

First, choose any files/video/picture by click at the import media.

Step 2

Then, drag the imported media into the timeline. You can also silent the video by click at the symbol of “+”, then choose mute.(near to the word video)

Step 3

Next step is..add the effects, by selecting any effects that you wants.

Step 4

Add transitions to determine the appearance of your video.

Step 5

Import any music/song, then drag it to the timeline. *Choose the suitable music for your video, so that your video will be more interesting*.. You can google any background music from internet. 🙂

Step 6

Add titles and credits in your video. You can add titles for the beginning of yor video, and add credits at the end of the video (for the appreciation)

Step 7

Haaaaa.. then, you can save your video by click “File”, then choose the word “save”.

Step 8

Then yo can publish your video. It’s done! 😉

Just simple steps right? Then, we can edit our video very well soon. 🙂 Actually, I have used this software before, to edit my own video. hihihi. 🙂 *Just for fun*’s not too difficult for me to follow the learning of editing video using this software. Hehe.

Whatever it is the thing that Mr Helmi shared are very useful, not just useful for our video’s project but also for our future needs in learning and teaching process. In Shaa ALLAH.. 😉 So, I hope that my group can produce the video very well, so that the message of our video can be delivered to others. And the lecturer also will be satisfied with our work. In Shaa Allah.. 🙂 

*Happy editing guys* Hihihi


See you next time! Bye2

Reflection 7



Assalamualaikum and Heyyaaa peeps!

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah. We meet again in this 7th week after 2 weeks of break (celebration of Eid Adha). 😉

As promised….each group have to present their proposal on video project. There are a few components should be in the proposal :

  • Introduction
  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-Production

My group, “Ladies Production” are working on to empowerment of Jawi writing, as Jawi is almost forgotten. So, we are going to focus on a few things in our video : comparison the past and present, ways to overcome this problem.

After all of the group have prsented their proposal, Mr Helmi shares with us on how to produce a good video. We have to know on how to snap a photo better, how to shoot a video (use the right angle : low, medium, high), and movement of the camera during the shooting’s process. *Thank you Mr Helmi for sharing the information! 😉

Ready and start recording guys! hehehe *Enjoy yeah!

See you next time guys. Bye. 😉